Understanding Your Underlying Drives and Motivations

Written by Graham Burwise for My Health & Beauty Magazine

Graham Burwise“MAN, KNOW THYSELF” is a recurring theme throughout many religious and spiritual teachings, for without this understanding we remain reactive and uncertain, adrift in an overwhelming sea of experiences. By understanding our motivational drives we are able to actively shape our unique identity and express it with confidence, to have clarity of vision and a definite sense of purpose that we find fulfilling.

What is it that defines our Underlying Drives and Motivations?

Our hierarchy of motivational values defines our interests, and a unique vision and purpose for our life. It determines how we perceive the world around us and which opportunities we notice, it directs our choices and behaviour, and it governs the way we interact with others – from our broad social interactions to our intimate relationships, and even defines our sense of identity and worth. Our hierarchy of motivational values is dynamic, and is in turn governed by our understanding and underlying beliefs about our place and purpose in the world, and by our beliefs about how the world around us works. These beliefs are stored just below the subconscious threshold in a hierarchical system that I call the core belief hierarchy, and they are constantly updated by our perception and experience.

Making Sense of Your Hierarchy of Motivational Values

There are several distinct arenas to our lives, and although they are intricately interwoven we must distinguish between them to understand our unique identity. Our lives can be dissected into the following 7 arenas which I call our 7 External Core Relationships; Spirituality & Evolution, Knowledge & Wisdom, Health & Well-being, Partnerships & Family, Connection & Influence, Wealth & Finances, and Vocation & Business. In each of these 7 areas we have a certain level of interest, motivation and empowerment, and it is this variance that makes us truly unique as individuals. Without this wisdom regarding our drives and motivations, our journey of self discovery, empowerment and personal evolution becomes a constant struggle of opposing values and beliefs within ourselves, leading to confusion, self-sabotage and self-depreciation. Clients who explore their motivational values using a process included in some of our workshops and programs are often amazed at how little they actually knew and understood themselves before, and how much clarity they gain when they understand their underlying drives at this level.

Replacing Confusion with Authentic Power

Many of us have superimposed the values and beliefs of others, whom we perceive as authorities, over our own values, and are living unhappy lives trying to live up to these false values. We always act according to our own hierarchy of motivational values, but sometimes judge ourselves against the values of some perceived authority – parents, teachers, partners, religious institutions or social norms and paradigms. When we do, we undermine our own authority in our lives and devalue ourselves, building resentment towards those under whom we have subjugated ourselves. We only discover authentic power when we become our own highest authority, trusting our own guidance, ignoring outside opinions, and taking full responsibility for our decisions, actions and circumstances.

With a good understanding of the arrangement of our unique hierarchy of values we gain the clarity we need to become self defined and determining individuals, free of subjugating beliefs and false values, able to empower ourselves according to our own innermost drives and values. We are able to perceive our true worth, and clearly understand what we have to offer in terms of serving others. We also begin to understand the underlying drives and motivations of those around us better, appreciating them more for their unique individuality, thereby enhancing our communication and relationships with them. This is especially true for intimate relationships, in which the challenges inherent in the growth dynamics are so often misconstrued as conflict. Would your relationship improve if you accepted and appreciated your partner for all that they are, as they are, instead of trying to change or “fix” them?

Wisdom and Understanding Accelerate Human Development

Lastly it is important to recognize that human existence is all about our growth and development, and that our understanding of, and attitude towards this growth determines how we experience the reality we perceive. If we accept this dynamic growth process in our lives we tend to see our challenges as opportunities, grow in wisdom and experience more joy and gratitude, while if on the other hand we resist growth, we remain juvenile and cause ourselves emotional pain and suffering. Understanding the mechanics and dynamics of motivational values and core external relationships offers profound insight into the personal growth process, giving us an unbiased perspective and allowing us to maximize our own growth and development.

Find out more…

The motivational values hierarchy discovery process is included in the following workshops and services offered by the Global Awakening Institute : LIVING INSIDE-OUT WORKSHOP, LANGUAGE OF LOVE WORKSHOP, PRIVATE COACHING & CONSULTING SESSIONS. We are also working on an interactive online questionnaire to help you discover the arrangement of your hierarchy of values, keep an eye on the resources page on our website.