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Core Relationships™

Our core relationships define everything about who we are and how we live our lives as individual human beings. Our internal core relationships describe our relationship with ourselves, and greatly influence our 7 external core relationships, which describe our interaction with the world around us. Over the last two decades we have learned that going back to the core is the best way to permanently transform ourselves and create lasting change in our lives. These core relationships not only shape our thoughts and behaviors, but also our very perceptions of ourselves and our world, thus defining the opportunities we are able to perceive and the reality we experience. Understanding our unique core relationships allows us to experience more freedom, feel more at peace and empowers us to create more fulfillment in our lives.



core relationships Model
Our 5 Internal Core Relationships
To better understand the mechanics of our relationship with ourselves, which is composite and complex, we can define separate but overlapping relationships with several different aspects of ourselves. These core aspects are Love, Meaning, Purpose, Power and Coherence/Integration.


Coherence/Integration is the synergy between our fundamental aspects - physical, mental and spiritual, and of the finer elements within each of those fundamental aspects. The correct functioning of the physical systems that make up the physical body is required for the health and well being of the body, enabling us to live our lives to the fullest. The integration of the finer aspects of mind are required for coherent clarity and focus, and for the development of self-worth and self-love. Integration of our Spiritual nature into our identity brings even more balance and harmony to our experience and more coherence and deeper meaning to our lives.



Love can be defined as unity and harmony, beginning within us and extending infinitely outward.
Our capacity for Love can be viewed as our ability to accept and integrate all that we are into a coherent and powerful presence. It allows us to transcend the illusion of duality and is the seat of our power to manage our lives and consciously create our reality.


Meaning is extrapolated from our underlying beliefs about ourselves, about the universe, and about our connection to it and relevance within it. Our sense of meaning is something we are constantly seeking to expand. Meaning produces resilience and clarity of purpose in life.


Purpose is derived from meaning, from our definition of self and from our connection to the universe which surrounds us. Without a clearly defined purpose we lack the clarity necessary for true success in life. A strong sense of purpose increases our energy, vitality, clarity, certainty, motivation, etc.


Power can be described as our ability to master our lives in a way which serves us and produces the results we desire. Our level of Power is reliant on our other internal relationships with Love, Meaning, Purpose and Coherence/Integration. Authentic power derives from being authentic, or true to ourselves, which in turn requires that we know and understand ourselves intimately.


Our 7 External Core Relationships
Each of the 7 external core relationships is associated with one of the 7 basic areas of life (aspect of our interaction with the world around us) each of which can be developed and empowered. As individuals we have a natural affinity and interest in certain areas, and a natural tendency to ignore or avoid other areas. These 7 core relationships are arranged in a hierarchy dependent on our perception of need in specific areas. Knowing and understanding this hierarchy brings clarity to the apparent chaos in certain areas of our lives, explains why we express certain behavior patterns, and why we have been unsuccessful in certain areas in the past. More importantly, it provides us with the understanding and tools to become more successful in these areas of lower priority.

In each of the 7 basic areas of life our level of empowerment can range from extreme disempowerment to extraordinary empowerment. This level of empowerment in any specific area is not measured relative to other people, but rather relative to our specific needs, and the level of empowerment of the other 6 areas of our own life. Areas neglected become challenging, the more disempowered we are in certain areas the more severely we are challenged in these areas, with extreme disempowerment leading to challenges overflowing to affect even the empowered areas of our life.

Health & Vitality

It is pretty self-evident that our relationship with our physical body is important, as having robust physical health and vitality will obviously benefit us regardless of which areas of life we choose to specialize in. There are of course people who specialize in the physical realm of health, vitality, strength, endurance and beauty, etc. Some of them develop these qualities to levels where these qualities become a source of power in their life. World class athletes, super-models, health & fitness gurus,


Knowledge & Wisdom

Knowledge and wisdom are essential ingredients for success and fulfillment. Being empowered in this area simply requires that we have accumulated the knowledge and wisdom we need to fulfill our life goals. Of course, as with the other areas, there are those who are focused on this area and dedicate themselves to accumulating vast amounts of knowledge and/or wisdom. These people are often labeled geniuses, but in truth we all have our own unique brand of genius, its just a matter of recognizing, appreciating and expressing it to its full potential.



Spirituality & Evolution

This area is a particularly broad area, because although "spirituality" generally describes a connection to a higher intelligent order, our spiritual mission in life can be expressed in any of the other areas as well. Here the question of authority comes into play, as there is in reality no authority above our own because each of us is uniquely connected to the spiritual source. Disempowerment in this area would entail suppressing our desires because they are not condoned by the spiritual authority of the day. As Einstein said 'my contempt for authority made me one". When we become our own authority, listen to our own inner guidance, and follow our dreams we become an authority unto ourselves. Extreme epowerment would be having developed a high level of awareness and connection to the higher order intelligence, being able to "download" information in the form of inspiration, and would also include an unwavering clarity of purpose.


Partnerships & Family

Relationships with family and life partners can be developed to a high level of power, or they can be disempowering. If we supress or repress our desires for fear of losing loved-ones we are disempowered. If they are supportinve and encouraging, mutually fulfilling relationships, then obviously they are empowering.

The concepts of compromise and sacrifice have no place in truly empowered relationships, where each is apprecaitive of the others qualities, strengths and empowerment, while also accepting of each others weaknesses and less empowered areas.


Connection & Influence

Social connection & influence as you may have already guessed, can range from diempowered reclusiveness and lack of influence, to celebrity status with huge influential power.


Vocation & Business

Vocation in this context is far more than your chosen profession, it is your calling, or your self-defined life purose. Some people know from a young age what they want to do with their lives, while others take many years to figure it out. In the end, we all have within ourselves a purposeful and meaningful calling in life.


Wealth & Finances

Financial empowerment is today one of the areas in which we are most preassured to succeed. Of course wealth is used here in the broadest possible context, including our accumulation of relationships, influence, knowledge, wisdom, health, self-worth, and fulfillment, etc.

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