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Business & Corporate Application and Implementation of Modern Wisdom

Corporate Vision as a leadership Strategy

Modern business has become far more complex in its structure and opperations than any other human endeavor. This complexity, especially for larger businesses and corporations, requires a host of specialist employees in a diverse range of fields. In this scenario, a clear corporate vision embraced by all employees become an important factor in creating coherence, loyalty, motivation, communication, engagement and productivity. The problem of selling a broad strategic corporate vision to all employees within the corporate infrastructure has met with unremarkable results, UNTIL NOW! Let Graham & Monika work their magic to align all employees with your unified coherent corporate vision.

Exposing and Tapping in to Hidden Resources

Many modern companies recognize the value of super-engagement and tapping individual employee talents and creativity. This is very difficult to accomplish unless employees are aligned with corporate vision and objectives, and can envision some personal benefit in such engagement. Another obstacle is the out-dated management systems and techniques which tend to over-manage employees and ignore a gold mine of resources that could be tapped to great benefit to both company and employees.

  • If there is no link between employee job responsibilities, their own personal values and the company vision and mission, employees don't demonstrate a great deal of motivation or loyalty towards the corporate entity, which makes companies vulnerable. Inspire your team and avoid employee burnout and boredom. What would it be worth to have a team of employees that are inspired and self motivated by having fully embaced the large scale corporate vision?
  • Increase employee loyalty to the company and boosts general enthusiasm and productivity by demonstrating to employees how the values, priorities & mission of the corporate entity for which they work are ultimately also serving their own highest values & agendas.
  • Increase productivity by linking personal fulfillment & success to that of the corporate entity.
  • Collapse fear and guilt around job security, retrenchment and financial loss, and discover the upside of these valuable experiences.

Increase employee loyalty, motivation and productivity by aligning personal and corporate identity, values & mission using our advanced relationship and association re-linking techniques.

Businesses and Corporations don't change, people change...

A company may seek to change it's image, its vision, strategic objectives, operating procedures, etc. but without the co-operation of its employees this cannot be achieved with any measure of success. This is especially true during buy-outs or hostile takeovers. At Global Awakening Institute we understand the importance of the individual within the corporate structure, and are able to save companies money by fast-tracking and streamlining such transitions by enlisting the active participation of all employees.


Conflict Managemnet

Conflict within the business or corporate environment is another serious issue, and a huge drain on time, productivity and resources. We offer mediation techniques which effectively neutralize any form of conflict and harmonize interaction between individuals, departments or even between entire companies themselves. Based on understanding and apreciating  the value of unique individual motivational values hierarchies, these techniques enjoy far more success than attempts to rationalize, mitigate or moderate conflict.

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