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  Graham & Monika Burwise - Our Path

Having researched, explored and taught human dynamics, spiritual development and personal empowerment for over 20 years, Graham & Monika are uniquely able to share their experience and wisdom with profound clarity and expert precision, allowing you to immediately begin applying their inspiring insights in your own life to create powerful shifts in consciousness and positive transformation in all areas of your life. Although each is highly accomplished in their own right, Graham & Monika are a formidable team with differing but complimentary world-views and perspectives.

Graham & Monika's eclectic studies, research and training in a diversity of fields include mysticism, quantum mechanics, systems theory, information processing theory, quantum computing, philosophy, psychology, chemistry, pharmacology, physiology, energy healing, business development & communications and many others.

Some of their teachers have included Osho, Sant Thakar Singh, Paramahansa Yogananda, Don Miguel Ruiz, Carolyn Myss, Jim Garrison, Dr John Demartini, Marcia Martin, and many others.

  Monika Burwise
Monika Burwise - Personal Bio

Monika Burwise is an author, speaker, coach and consultant with a transformational leading edge message. She is considered a modern mystic, who walks her talk daily. Monika has studied at the Wisdom University with spiritual masters and teachers like Jim Garrison, Caroline Myss, and Andrew Harvey, joining their research team exploring mystical secrets and ancient wisdom. She has also studied with a Tibetan Master and Buddhist teachers, exploring new levels of consciousness through practice of mindfulness and meditation. She empowers and inspires people all over the world through her wisdom and spiritual guidance.
Since 2011 Monika has enjoyed the rare privilege of being the only new apprentice of Don Miquel Ruiz - Toltec shaman and healer from the Eagle Knight lineage, and well-known author of 'the Four Agreements'.

Monika is a strong advocate for women’s empowerment in the areas of love & relationships, creativity and business. She is a humanitarian with an inspired vision of improving the lives of people worldwide, by working from the inside out. Monika is also an intuitive energy healer, born with a gift of intuition and healing, and she has worked at expanding her abilities for most of her life. 

Monika and her husband Graham founded Global Awakening Institute as a platform for sharing their wisdom and to explore the boundaries of human potential. Together they have expertise in a diverse range of disciplines including human behavior, social dynamics, psychology, linguistics, physiology, philosophy, theology, spirituality, mysticism, the mind & consciousness, metaphysics, cosmology, quantum physics, as well as researching and exploring the underlying dynamics of human existence, the mechanics of the mind & consciousness, and the magic & mysteries of their inner spiritual nature, has positioned them as experts in the field of Human Dynamics, and fired in them a passion to share what they have discovered through their workshops, coaching, training, speaking and consulting. Their signature programs include "Master the Art of Relationships, 'Living Inside Out', 'Access Your Power', 'Accelerate Your Growth', 'Gear Yourself For Incredible Success' and 'Personal Mastery Programs'.

Her journey has not been without challenges, two near fatal car accidents drastically changing the course of her life. The chronic pain resulting from a broken neck, post traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression were some of the toughest obstacles she had ever faced. Her recovery was long and painful, but her perseverance and determination to succeed enabled her to overcome these catastrophic challenges and fully regain her health.

Monika has a university education and practical background in business, marketing and communication studies. Her business consulting skills have been instrumental in transforming many businesses into successful leading enterprises.

  Graham Burwise
Graham Burwise - Personal Bio

Graham is an inspiring author, speaker, lecturer, and a sought after coach, consultant, facilitator and seminar leader. He is as much a respected intelectual as he is a mystic and profound spiritual teacher. Graham developed an interest in spiritual evolution at a young age and has been studying and researching ever since. Through dedicated self-study he completed the equivalent of a philosophy degree before finishing high school. Graham's exploration into mysticism began by training with a Taoist mystic, also while still at school. He has since studied with Osho in India, with Shaman in Argentina and Ecuador, and was initiated & given the spiritual title DalMeet Singh by master Sant Thakar Singh. Graham has taught many students over the years in his capacity as spiritual teacher.

He has, and continues to eclectically seek out anything related to understanding the human condition and the underlying fundamental principles which govern our lives. His work includes concepts and processes extracted from many sources including Eastern & Western Mysticism, Shamanic traditions, Advanced Yogic Philosophy, Eastern & Western Alchemy, Philosophy, Psycho-physics, Noetics, Human Dynamics theory, Spiral Dynamics, Trans-personal Psychology, Quantum physics, Quantum Electrodynamics, Quantum computing, Information Processing Theory, Systems Theory, etc.

While working with clients on the practical application of processes and techniques to overcome issues, blocks and challenges, and, having been a mystic and master Reiki practitioner for many years, Graham also operates on an energetic level to help shift his client's state of consciousness and awareness. Graham has assisted many clients in the areas of personal growth and spiritual development, and had phenomenal success in clearing issues including trauma, abuse, addiction, depression, bipolar, ADHD, OCD, relationship issues, transcending limiting beliefs, dealing with anger, guilt, shame, fear, and general personal growth, etc.

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Graham & his wife Monika founded the Global Awakening Institute and currently run several intensive developmental workshops focused on various aspects of personal growth and spiritual evolution.

At the Global Awakening Institute we offer transformational and developmental programs aimed at providing the knowledge, wisdom and practically applicable tools to empower and inspire people to live more successful, fulfilling and meaningful lives. Our focus on understanding the mechanics of consciousness and the fundamental universal laws & principles governing our lives offers an updated paradigm and a radically expanded view of the meaning and purpose of our lives.

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