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Graham & Monika Speaking Introduction

Graham & Monika Burwise are experts in the field of human dynamics and spiritual development. They provide informative and inspiring talks and lectures on a wide range of topics relating to human development, which can be tailored to suit a similarly wide range of applications from personal development & empowerment, , spiritual evolution, enhancing relationships, and to corporate applications such as business development, management stratergies, staff motivation & loyalty, employee super-engagement, etc.

Having researched, explored and taught human dynamics, spiritual development and personal empowerment for over 20 years, Graham & Monika are uniquely able to share their experience and wisdom with profound clarity and expert precision, allowing you to immediately begin applying their inspiring insights in your own life to create powerful shifts in consciousness and positive transformation in all areas of your life. Although each is highly accomplished in their own right, Graham & Monika are a formidable team with differing but complimentary world-views and perspectives.

  Some Suggested Topics

"Man, Know Thyself"
A deep exploration into the mechanics of our underlying drives & motivations, how they are linked to our beliefs and identity, and how they govern our perceptions, available opportunities, behavior , communication, relationships and almost everything else in our lives. We are unable to master our lives until we understand our underlying drives and motives clearly, so this understanding is a crucial first step to claiming your authentic power, developing a greater sense of self-worth and learning to accept and love yourself a whole lot more. Learn how to distinguish, and focus on, what most serves you, while avoiding distractions, non-productive activity, and sabotaging our own efforts. The body of wisdom delivered in this talk will give you greater control over the unfolding of your life jouney, making it a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling.

  Perception & Emotion
The Key to Our Inherent Wisdom

A revolutionary new understanding of the mechanics of perception and emotion, and how to use this mechanism to increase our wisdom and empowerment, and ultimately find profound inner peace. At the most fundamental level, every human activity is aimed at achieving a certain feeling. If you are not managing your emotions it is likely they are managing you! Understand the relationship between perception, emotion, reality, power and being present. This talk will give you a better understanding of your emotions, how to manage them, and how to draw on your emotions to develop more profound wisdom and enjoy your life more. We also discuss emotional issues such as anger, anxiety, depression, and the connection between addiction and emotion.
Relationship Magic
Have you ever wondered if there's more to intimate relationships than meets the eye? Why so many challenges? Why do we seem to make the same "mistakes" over and over? Why does it look so easy for some people? Will I ever find my soul-mate? When does it get easier?
In this talk we will shed some light on the underlying dynamics of human interaction and attraction with regards to relationships. We'll debunk many of the myths and illusions that sabotage our relationships, and replace them with truly empowering wisdom. Learning to create and maintain lasting, mutually fulfilling relationships is an art. Graham and Monika draw on years of research and their own practical experience to bring you a refreshing new perspective and profound wisdom regarding relationships, their dynamics and underlying mechanics.
Accelerating Your Personal Evolution
There is overwhelming volume of material available relating to personal spiritual evolution, but much of it is misguided, out of context, deliberately biased or simply misunderstood. In this informative talk we discuss the process and mechanics of growth in detail and explore the illusion of identifiable levels or stages. We discuss ego, mind, awareness, consciousness, and spirit as they relate to our personal evolution, as well as examining some of the popular fantasies and myths regarding human development, including the illusion of spiritual evolution as a goal in itself. We shed new light on the concept of enlightenment as a process rather than a destination. During the talk we introduce and explain the most effective techniques to accelerate your personal growth & spiritual evolution.

Business Aplications of Modern Wisdom
How does the new understanding of human dynamics and interaction apply to your business? Learn how you can apply the most up-to-date understanding of human dynamics and behavior in your business or company to engage both employees and clients alike, inspire greater loyalty, motivation and productivity, minimize conflict, develop deeper relationships with clients and partners, tap into the vast latent resources and creativity potential of your workforce, and use the clarity and focus of your corporate vision to unify and harmonize your organization.

Spiritual Business
Graham & Monika take you on a journey of discovery into a refreshing updated definition of business, seamlessly integrating meaning, purpose and responsibility with growth and profit to create a revolutionary yet coherent and sustainable new model for modern business. Expanding
what is possible in modern business by exploring how to impliment cutting-edge priciples like non-locality, uniqueness, entanglement, and global consciousness to nuetraslize all competition, super- engage employees, clients and partners, become a community focal-point, experience quantum leaps in market share growth, and exponentially expand your bottom line.


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